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Introduction to Homescapes Hack

Homescapes is a match-3-slash-simulation builder created by Playrix. The player renovates a dilapidated house by completing a series of tasks, which can only be done by playing match-3 puzzle stages. Austin is the primary character in the game. His mission is to fix his childhood home so as to prevent his parents from selling it. The game was released by Playrix in September of 2017. Playrix is also the developer of Gardenscapes; the predecessor of Homescapes.

Game availability
• Android
• iOS
• Amazon App Store

The main character in the game is Austin. He went back to his parents (Olivia and William) house. His parents told him that they are going to sell the family mansion because of its poor condition. They don’t even consider renovating the mansion because it would require a huge amount of money. Not to mention, they are too old and don’t have the energy to renovate the mansion. Austin feels nostalgic as he spent his entire childhood in that mansion. Austin convinces his parents to not sell the house. He volunteered to do the renovation of the house all by himself.

What’s special to Homescapes?

To continue playing the game, you will need to earn coins and stars. Basically, you need to complete a task and pass through certain levels to earn coins and stars. Coins and stars are important as you need them to start home renovation.

homescapes hack stars

The basics of the game of Homescapes

It is a level-based match-3 game. It does not have a map that will enable you to replay past levels. Homescapes only has a current stage and you will earn a start and unlock the next level every time you complete a stage.
• Stars – The star is used by Austin in rebuilding his parents’ house. Without a star, the player won’t be able to progress. Various tasks will be given to Austin such as putting up the wallpaper and fixing the stairs, etc. the stars will serve as the money. The stars earned will be used to fulfill the renovation project. However, the stars earned while playing the game is only limited. What some players do is they spend money buying stars. Smart players don’t use money. They use Homescapes hacks and tools to access unlimited number of stars.
• Power-Ups – Special power-ups can be achieved by matching four or more tiles at once. Power-ups include the following:
o Rocket – to get a rocket, you need to match four tiles in a row. Use the rocket to fire across the screen in both directions. The rocket will enable you to remove the tiles in a row/column.
o Bomb – To get a bomb, you need to match five tiles in the L shape. The power of the bomb is to destroy everything around them. You need to be cautious though as using the bomb near the edge of the board may waste some of the bomb’s power.
o Paper plane – To get a paper plane, you need to match four tiles in a square. The power of the paper plane is to remove four tiles above, below, right, or left of it. It is called a paper plane because it can fly to a single tile on the board. It can reach any tile regardless of the location.
o Rainbow ball – To get a rainbow ball, you have to match file tiles in a row or column. The power of the rainbow ball is to remove every tile on the board that matches the color of the tile being swapped. It gets rid of the same color tiles all at once.
Note: The power-up can be swapped with one another for a more powerful impact.

The Task

In every level, there is a victory condition. You need to collect or remove a certain number and type of tiles. In the early level, you need to collect a certain number of tiles. While you progress with the game, you need to uncover challenges such as removing cherries inside the jelly, laying a carpet across the board, breaking apart cookies, and the likes. To win the game, you need to focus on the stage goal. Use the power-ups to your advantage. In some stages of the game, you will need to collect a certain type and number of tile as well as remove a particular item.
How do some tiles work?
There are various tiles in the game and many of them have their own set of rules for removal and interaction.
• Carpet tiles
They have a bumpy green background which is the focus of the game. With this type of tile, you should spread carpet onto every tile. To do so, you should match tiles with the tiles on the carpet. You can do this by swapping the tiles into a match.
• Cookies and boxes tiles
These are special tiles and you can get rid of them by matching next to them. Cookies can be swapped with another tile. Unfortunately, for box tiles swapping is not allowed. The advantage of box tiles is that you can allow power-up to travel through them. This advantage is not present in cookies tiles.
It is the most important currency of Homescapes. You need it to buy decorative items, furnishing, swapping of furniture, buying hearts/lives, and the likes. You will need the coins in completing tricky levels. You can earn coins by playing the game, purchase coins using real money, or simply use Homescapes hack and cheat codes. Using Homescapes hack will enable you to get an unlimited number of coins.
House renovation
The stars that you earned are used to complete a house renovation task wit Austin. There is a to-do list and as the story progresses, you will need to complete multiple assignments. The number of stars required depends on the type of home renovation. If you finish the percentage of a task given at a particular time, you will receive a bonus prize in the form of coins or power-up boosters. If you want to choose styles to match the renovation task, you will need to pay a small number of coins to unlock the designs and styles such as the decorations and furniture.
Boosters and Beyond
Boosters can be unlocked if you complete the stages of the game. You can take the booster with you into the next level.
• Hammer – You can unlock it once you finish level 8. It is always active and will enable you to get rid of a single tile from the board.
• Bomb + Rocket – You can have this booster once you pass level 14.
• Rainbow ball – You can have this booster once you pass level 16. This booster allows you to place a random rainbow ball at the beginning of the stage.
• Double paper plane – You can choose this after level 20. What this booster does is it allows you to double all paper planes earned at a particular stage.

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