Complete all the Levels Faster : Homescapes Hints and Tips

Playing Gardenscapes helps Austin to beautify and decorate his personal backyard while in Homescapes Hack you will hell him to redesign and restore his childhood home to it’s perfect state just like before.




Austin’s parents want to sell this house, but he doesn’t want to thus he is persistent to repair and redecorate their big house and by playing Homescapes you will take part on helping him so his parents will be then convinced to remove the “For Sale” sign.

The game is consists of match-3 puzzles with game elements of room decoration. Every puzzle completed, you will be rewarded with stars and use them to change old furniture, carpet, wallpaper and other things with the best one. You can also obtain surprise gifts by completing set of objectives in each rooms. You will not lose track since there is a To-Do list that displays the list of jobs that you must do and complete. A set of three different types of furnitures will be displayed when you have to change decorations and you will have to choose one. Your main goal is to complete all the levels, get stars and use them to make Austin’s home beautiful.

As the game progresses, levels will not be easy. Getting stars and each levels will be starting to be difficult. You must check out tips and hints to acquire free lives and get more stars :

Be familiarized with the Game Rules.

Playing Homescapes is just like any other match-3 puzzle game but you must put in mind that before playing a level you should know the rules of the game first. 3 or more pieces of the same kind should be matched by changing adjacent pieces. Spend some time to read on the objectives reflected in the left side of the screen and finish the tasks before your moves will be run out. If you successfully finished a level, you will earn a star.
You can utilize these stars to start the renovation of the house. You should always check on the To-Do list in the lower left part of the screen to see if you still have pending tasks. Stars will be used to finish the renovation objectives.

It depends on what type of renovation or objectives will require certain amount of stars. Just keep your luck on the progress of each levels to get more stars to accomplished those objectives.
Strategize more and finish a level before you will be run out of moves. If you want to obtain extra coins you may use several moves you still have. Decorations can be changed anytime, but it will require you to spend more coins if you will jump into new object, carpet or wallpaper. Cost of renovation or furnitures is lower in the first few levels but as you progresses to new rooms you will spend a lot amount of coins. It is free of charge to get one of three decors on the first time.

Be careful in using the correct furniture/wallpaper or carpet so that you won’t change it later. But if you have a lot of coins to spend you always change it anytime. If you are just starting, you must be careful and be wise in renovation and changing decors. So try not to change decor frequently. Players are not allowed to replay a level. A new and random-generated level will be played.

0. Rocket Power-up Stripes must be checked first.
Stripes on the rocket power up is an indication if a row will be removed or the entire column. If there is a vertical stripes then using it will clear an entire column. If a horizontal stripes is present, then an entire row will be removed.

3. Swap Rocket or Bomb Power-Up with a Piece Instead of Double-Tapping It

By double tapping you can activate a bomb or rocket power-up. Remove a desired row or column by swapping it with a piece.

For instance: You desired to remove an X number of red pieces, and there is a lot of number of red pieces on the column target. You can swap the rocket power-up with a piece on the targeted column to remove those pieces. You can also double tap a rocket piece if you wish to activate it on the same column.

Effects of the Power-up Combinations

There are certain power ups such as bomb, rocket and rainbow ball which will let you get rid of more number of pieces. To be more tactical, you can make a combination of two power-ups to achieve a greater effect on the game board. By swapping two adjacent power-ups you can get a marvelous result. Perfect combos can be resulted to the removal of more pieces at once. Know more about these possible combinations:

Bomb + Paper Plane

By combining these two a plane will fly to a random piece and will explode at the same time. The paper plane is carrying a bomb that will land to a random piece and explodes. The same with the combination of paper plane and rocket will fly it with a random piece and will remove a row or column. It will clear the row if there is a horizontal line and if vertical line is shown it will remove a column.

Bomb + Rocket

If you are aiming to remove several columns and rows at once, you may combine bomb and rocket. This will clear three columns and three rows. Adding two rockets will make a cross-shaped explosion which will remove a row and column at once. The area where the rockets were combined will be the area to have the blast.

Rainbow + Rainbow

Even though it is very rare to have this combination, you can have if combined to clear the entire board. Make the best out if it when you get the chance to have it.

Bomb + Rainbow

It is also a super combination. It can remove out rows and columns. You can also combine rainbow with rocket and bombs.

Lean to Earn Bonus Coins

Coins are important resources in this game. It can help you buy extra lives when you have run out of lives. You can also use it to change decors. By earning more bonus coins you can try out new furniture, carpet and even wallpapers. Here are some hint to learn how to earn bonus coins:

Everytime you succeeded a level, you can get 50 coins as your reward by winning the level. But, if you have finished or completed the level before running out of moves, you will obtain extra bonus coins. Extra coins will be replaced by power ups which you can fully utilize to win more. More bonus coins you will obtain if there are more number of pieces removed.

You can also be rewarded with special gifts. If you have done all the objectives for day 1 and day 2 home renovations, you will get special gift which may contain coins. Click on the To-Do list corner and utilize your stars to complete the job. If the task bar is full, you will be rewarded by a surprise gift.

Log in to your Facebook account and connect it to get 1000 coins instantly. You will see the icon on the right side and tap it to register.

 Ask some Lives from Friends

When you have run out of lives, you have options.
1. Wait for 30 minutes to get a new life 2. Buy lives using coins 3. Ask lives from your friends.

Asking lives from your friends who are also playing Homescapes and connected the game to Facebook is the easiest way to acquire more lives.
Be sure you are asking lives to active players who can give you some lives faster. You can also give some lives to your friends so when you are in need you can ask for their help.

Hope this article can help you understand more Homescapes so you can fully enjoy the game to the best extent.

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