For someone who plays Homescapes, you know how important it is to have enough game currency. Having enough game currency is one of the goals of every player. As you know, Homescapes is an interesting and addictive game. You will surely spend the rest of the day playing. The primary goal of the game is to redecorate the home by simply swapping furniture and buy various items from the game shop.

For the player to start redecorating the home, he/she needs to spend stars and other resources the players can earn as levels are completed based on puzzles. Homescapes is a combination of puzzles and creativity, which made the game even more interesting and engaging.

To complete the levels, you need to solve puzzles and achieve the goals needed in a particular level. Once you pass through the level, you can earn resources that you can use to redecorate the home. As you earn currency, you need to make sure you spend them wisely so that you will never run out of currency.

How to pass through every level?

How to pass through every level with ease? The game consists of different levels and each level has a varying degree of difficulty. The initial stages of levels are easy. However, the degree of difficulty increases as the level progresses and some of the levels are extremely difficult to complete. To help you pass and ace the difficult level, you should take into consideration the strategies and tricks below:

  • Purchase boosters – Boosters can help the player complete the game, especially the difficult part of the game. In fact, they will help you get through a difficult stage quickly without wasting any moves. There are different types of boosters to choose from. You can buy these boosters using in-game currencies real-life money.
  • Log in daily – Opening the game on a day to day basis is one of the tricks Homescapes player should do. By simply opening the game, you will be able to collect rewards in the forms of coins, items, and other resources which can be used later on to improve your gaming performance.
  • Save up moves – In every level, there is a required number of moves. For you to complete the task, you need to use less possible moves. By doing so, you can save up moves which will help you gain power ups and such power ups can be used in the next level.


Homescapes is a game suited for everyone. It is an engaging game. Once you play it, you can’t get enough with it. As the game progresses, you will notice that the level gets more difficult and intense. If you want to ace the game, then you should follow the tips and strategies mentioned above. You can always buy boosters and other materials using real-life money, but smart players don’t do that. They think of ways to get the most out of the game and not the best out of them.

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